• Omega Psi Phi Fraternity (-C) Lighted 24" (Inch) Carved Shield (Stained)

  • $161.00

  • Description

    And Bruhs said, "Let There Be Light"


    This is a custom made Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. carved shield that has it's pearls lighted.  OK, go back and look at the picture......it's nice isn't it?  Yea, I know!

    Wait, go back and look again......this shield has no power cords and the price is the best you've ever seen right for a lighted shield?  Is it magic?  NO!  Is it a hoax?  NO!  And today is not April fools day either.   In order to drive the cost down, I am providing this shield with a battery pack.  Power cords are an option to plug into the wall, but I do not like the time it takes me to wire up the circuits and extra switches.  I hate soldering electrical connections.  

    If you find a better deal I will give this to you for free.   Unfortunately you won't find a better deal.  HAHAHAHA.


    STILL NOT CONVINCED!!!  Go check my feedback, then come back and bid with confidence......seriously, go ahead.  I'll wait.   

    BEST QUALITY AND $B$A$R$G$A$I$N$ WOOD ITEMS ON THE NET!  That's a guarantee!  Go ahead and search the Net, Ebay, Facebook, Twitter, Jitter, YouTube, RedTube, Word-of-Mouth, Grapevine, CNN, TMZ, GreekQuarterly, Craigslist, and most of all Da Bruhzzzzz. 

     The pearls are extruded and when lit, they shine oh so bright.  And don't forget to look at picture #1 again.  Do you see that precision? 

    *NOTE:  The last picture is a different shield that is the same size of what you are bidding on.  I am only showing this picture so you can see how big it is compared to a person.  

    This is 100% pure custom woodworking.  These letters are not raised, they are cut into the wood.  This shield is a single piece work of art.  It is not multiple pieces cut out and glued together.  It is a SINGLE piece of carved wood, painted to near perfection.  This is a one of kind custom piece.  No two are alike. 


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